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Q) Is there a cost to Join

A) Yes, there is a monthly subscription fee at different price levels depending upon your level of use. You can join or cancel at anytime. Your billing cycle is for a 30 day period and is renewed automatically until you cancel your subscription.

Q) Is there any cost to List Properties on

A) Yes, there is a low monthly subscription fee to enter as many for sale and for lease properties as you like. With RealtyPackage level memberships, the RealtyInvestor Commercial Property MLS service is included at no additional charge.

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Q) How do I log in?

A) To log onto you must first be a registered user, if you are already a member, type in your registered email address and your password on the log in screen.

Q) I forgot my Password.

A) For security reasons we can only have your password sent by email to the email address you registered with. To retrieve your password, click on "Forgot Password", just below the log in area on the home page. Type in your registered email address and the system will send your password by email.

Q) How do I join

A) From the home page click on "Join" and enter your contact information and
choose a password. Choose the level of membership you wish depending on your
amount of usage. Enter your billing information and click submit.

Q) Can I have more than one account with the same email address?

A)No, each email can only have one account associated with it.

Q) Can I edit my account or change my password?

A)Yes, you can change your account by Logging on to your account, click "My Account" make the changes you like, type in your password and click "Update";

Q) Why do I have to agree to "Terms of Use" and where can I read the Terms of Use?

A) The terms of use explain the guidelines by which you can use and The terms of Use are available to read on-line by clicking on the line that says "I agree to the terms of use…"; from the "Join" page and the "Search" page.

Q) Can I have multiple people use one account?

A) No, each account is specifically for the use of the registered user. Each user must have their own individual account in accordance with the terms of use. Should you have multiple users wishing to use a single account, a corporate plan can be customized for your needs by contacting



Q) What is the fee to create a package?

A) Making a real estate package on is by monthly subscription. Choose your level of use and become a member. You can create the number of real estate packages per month that your subscription allows. Each membership level allows a greater number of new monthly packages.

Q) Does editing an old package count toward my monthly allowance.

A) No, a new property is considered one with a new address. You can edit any previouse packages as often as you like.

Q) Who can see my package on

A) Your package is not available to anyone other than those you choose to send it to.

Q) What is the cost to send my package using
A) Unlimited sending of your packages on is included in your membership at no additional cost.

Q) How do I make a package on
A) To make a package, log onto and click on "Create a Package" on the home page, or click on "My Packages" and click on "Create a New Package" A form will come up where you click on the property type you are going to create a package for and then enter the zip code of the property. Click "Next" on the bottom of the page and you will be brought to the next page to enter your property information. At the bottom of each page, click "Next" to go to the next page. The final page has a button at the bottom of the page to click "Build My Package". Your package will be created dynamically and will be available to view and send.

Q) Can I make changes to my package after I create it?

A) Your package is fully editable. You can change anything you like with the exception of the property type and property address location. To edit your package, log onto, click on "My Packages" and click on the id number of the property you want to edit. The package forms will come up on your computer and you can then make any changes you want. Don't forget to click on "Build My Package" on the last page to save your changes and to re-build your package.

Q) can't view a package on, is there something wrong?

A) If you can't view a package on, it is most likely the case that you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer or you are using an older internet browser. The minimum requirements are that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you have Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher or Netscape 4.7 or higher. If you do not meet the minimums, you can download these programs for free from the internet. A link is available to these sites from

Q) I either don't know or don't want to enter all of the information on the forms, is it required?

A) The only required information on the packages is the property type, property address and zip code. Everything else is optional. If you do not fill in a blank, that piece of information and the label for it will not appear in your finished package. The more information and text you enter, however, the more comprehensive and informative your package will be.

Q) How does sending my package work?

A) To send a package on log onto, click on "My Packages" You will see a list of the packages you have created. On the right hand side of the list you will see "Send";, click on send, enter the email address of the recipient and click "add";, then click the box next to the person's email address you want to send the package to and click on "Send Email Now";.

Q) What will my client get in their email?

A) Your client will instantly receive an email with the your package attached for their review. They will need Adobe Acrobat Reader their computer to view the package (if they do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader they will have a link on their screen for a free download of the program) and the package will open on their screen. It is available for viewing as well as printing on their printer.

Q) My client could not open my package.

A) If you client could not open your package it is most likely because they do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed or they are using an older web browser. The minimum requirements are; Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher or Netscape 4.7 or higher. If they do not meet these minimum requirements they can download these programs for free on the internet. There is a link on to these download sites.



  1. Log onto If you are not yet a member you must first become a member and choose your subscription plan.
  2. Click on "Create a Package" from the home page, or click on "Build a New Package" after you click on "My Packages"
  3. Follow the Step-by-Step forms.



On the first page of the screen you must choose a property type, enter the zip code for the town in which the property is located and check off if the property is for sale or for lease. Click "next" at the bottom of the page.




On the overview page, fill in as many of the blanks as you like. If you do not fill in a blank, it will not appear on the finished package.

Text Boxes: The more information you fill into the text boxes, the more complete your package will be. This is an area where you can be creative and provide your own detail about the property and its location. If you leave a text box blank, its heading will not appear in your finished package.

Property Overview: The property overview box is where you would describe the property being offered in general terms. It is also where you would say if there are special showing instructions or offering instructions or other important information you want your client to be aware of in general.

Regional Area Description: This is a text area that you would describe the Region, such as the "Greater Metropolitan Area…….."; or the "Tri-City Area…..";

Market Area Description: This is where you would describe the neighborhood and surrounding area that the property is located in.

Property Detail Comments: This is where you can describe the property, providing an overview of what the property is and its special attributes. Such as, "the property was completely renovated in 2005 with a new roof, windows and mechanical systems";, ect.




Selection Boxes: With a selection box you can choose multiple items. Click on the item you want to add to your package and then click on the "add" button. The highlighted item will move to the box on the right. To remove an item, highlight it on the right and click on "remove";

Text Boxes: The text boxes on this page work the same as on the previous page. Remember the more text added, the more complete your package will be.




Price: This is where you enter the property price.

Contact Information: The contact information from your account is already filled in. Limited contact information appears on the cover page of your package and full contact information on a contact page in your package




The upload image page is where you add your pictures, site plans, floor plans ect to your package. You can add up to six images and each will be on a separate page. The size of the image you upload will be the size it will appear in your package. For photographs the best size is 600x800; Site Plans are best as full pages of 600x800 and floor plans will depend upon the layout of your original. The file formats supported by are .JPEG and .GIF. Other file formats will not be able to be added to your package. If your image file is not in one of these formats, please change it to one of these formats before uploading.

How To Upload: To upload an image file, Type in a brief few word description that will be a heading above your photograph. You can type in more extensive description of the photograph in the text box that will appear below your photograph. Click on "Attach Image";. A box will appear that has a button that reads "Browse";, Click on this button and is will show the files on your computer. Click on the photo image file you want to upload to your package and click on that file. Then click on "Upload";. Depending upon the file size and your connection speed, uploading an image file could take a moment or two. Do not click on anything while your file is being uploaded. After the file is uploaded the upload box will go away and you will be back at the Upload Images Page. IMPORTANT – To save your photograph to your package you must click on "SAVE IMAGE" The image will then be listed at the top of the page. To add a second image make sure the Image Number is on Image "2" and repeat the above steps. For each image you will follow the same steps.

When you are done uploading images, click "Next";




Sample disclaimers are available for your use as well as a text box to write your own disclaimer. Disclaimers can be attached to the bottom of every page in your package or as a separate page in your package. To select a disclaimer, click on the button next to the one you choose. Please Note, and is not offering legal advice or legal protection. The disclaimers are for your convenience. You must use your own judgment or get legal advise to determine if they are suited to your needs. We specifically do not represent or warrant that the disclaimers are suitable for any purpose. Again, you must use your own judgment in this regard.




You may add as many custom pages as you like. The title of the custom page will appear above the text you add to the text box. This is an area where you can copy and paste text from your own computer to your package. You can add any information that is not covered by the package creation forms. The custom boxes will appear in the order that you enter them on After you enter a custom page, click on "Save Page";. The custom page will then be listed on the custom page form. You can view it and edit it after you click "Save";. For each custom page you make, click "Save Page" and it will be added to your list.




Choose Income and Expense Items by highlighting them in the list on the left, fill in the amount in the space in the middle column and click on "add" This will move the item to the list on the right. Income and expenses are detailed for different property types so that you will have flexibility in building your income and expense page. The income and expenses will automatically add and subtract in your final package. Capital Expenses and Capital Reserves will appear below the Net Operating Income Line




For each tenant in your property you can add lease information. At the bottom of the page, click on "Save" and the information for that tenant will be shown at the bottom of the rent roll page. In the final package, the rent roll information will be shown in a spreadsheet format. Note; keep the comments section brief when there are multiple tenants so that your rent roll pages do not get exceedingly long.

The page order that your final package will appear in can be changed on this page. On the page sequence box, click on a section you wish to move and use the "move up" and "move down" boxes to change the page order. Each time you click on "move up" or "move down" the highlighted section will move up or down by one position. If you want to go back to the original position, click on "Reset";

BUILD MY PACKAGE: Don't forget to click on "Build My Package" when you are finished entering your information.




Once your package is built you can preview, edit and send your package.

PREVIEW: Log onto Click on "My Packages" To see your package click on "Preview" to the right of the package you want to see. Adobe Acrobat Reader will open if you have it installed on your computer and the package will load in approximately one minute (may be slightly longer depending on number of photographs, ect.)

EDIT: Click on "My Packages" Click on the ID number of the property you wish to edit. The data forms will come up on your computer. Change and edit any information you wish following the instructions above. Don't forget to click on "Build my Package" on the last page.

SEND: To send your package, click on "My Packages" To the right of the package you wish to send, click on "Send";. A form will come up where you enter the email address you wish to send to. Double check to make sure you have typed the email address correctly. Click on "Add" and the email address will appear on the page. Since you can save email addresses on this list for later use, you can select whom you want to send the package to by clicking on the box next to the email address. Click on "Send Email Now"




Q) How do I place a listing on

A) You must be a registered member of to list your property. Once you are logged onto, click on "List Property" at the top of the page and follow the on-line forms.

Q) Why do I have to enter a zip code for my property?

A) A zip code is required so that the correct city is automatically entered for your listing and the correct map are automatically attached to your listing.

Q) My zip code does not come up with a town or city on

A) Some towns or cities have multiple zip codes and all zip codes may not be in the database. Enter another zip code located within the same town and you will get the same results as the zip code for the property.

Q) Why are there required fields?

The required fields are used for property searches. Without this information people would not be able to find your property by entering a search.

Q) Is there a waiting period for my listing to be on-line?
A) No, your listing will be on-line immediately after you save it on

Q) I entered a photograph and it is not showing up on my listing?
A) For security reasons, photographs are screened and posted to listing after screening.

Q) What is the proper size and file format for photographs.
A) For best results photographs for the listing pages are 200 pixels by 150 pixels in either a .JPEG or .GIF file format. If your photo is not the correct size, it can be resized either on your computer or by us after it is received, the format however must be one those listed above.




Q) Can I change my property information.

A) Yes, you can edit any listing you entered. Log on, Click on "My Listings" and click on the id number of the property you want to edit, make your changes and click "Update";

Q) Can I upload a new photograph to replace one that is already there?

A) Yes you can upload a new photograph during the edit process and it will replace the previous photograph.

Q) My property has been sold or leased, how do I take it off of

A) To remove a property, log on, click on "My Listings", click on the ID number of the property you want to delete and click on "delete" at the bottom of the page.



Q) Is there a charge to search for properties, are all properties available for me to search?

A) There is no charge to search for properties and there are no waiting periods to see all property listings.

Q) How do I save my searches so I don't have to enter it each time I do a property search?

A) As a member of you can save your searches in your account. To save your search, at the bottom of your search from just click on "Save"

Q) How do I access my Saved Searches?

A) To run a search that you have saved, just log on, click on "My Searches" and click on the "Search" button next to the search you want to run.

Q) Can I edit my Saved Searches?

A) Yes, just log on, click on "My searches" and click on the search ID number to edit and re-save the search.

Q) How many searches can I save?

A) You can save as many searches as you like, but it is a good idea to delete searches you are no longer using so your account does not become cluttered and confusing to you.

Q) I want to do a very detailed Search, How do I do this?

A) To do an "Advanced" search that can be highly detailed, enter the search information on the first page of "Search for Sale" or "Search for Lease" and at the bottom of the search page, click on "Advanced";. There you will find highly detailed search fields that can be filled in, Click "Done";, then save your search for latter use or just click "Search" if you do not want to save your search.